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E. Jean Beres

E. Jean Beres has authored and published numerous poems, articles and short stories, in True Romance, True Love, Star Magazine and other magazines and newspapers over the years. Her most recent is Rumors (Mind Wings Audio). Earlier works this year include two novelettes, Someone Else’s Dream and Dream House -- Mind Wings Audio, and a children’s book, The Sugaring Season, (Publish America).

When did you first decide you wanted to be a writer?

"Writing has always been a way of life for me. I never made a conscious decision to write. It was something I did since childhood starting with poems then short stories."

Where do you get your information or ideas for your stories?

"Ideas can come for everywhere: you hear someone say something, a sentence in a book you're reading, a dream, something you read in a newspaper, your own solitary imagination. What you have to do when you get an idea that inspires you, be sure to write it down."

Do you put yourself in a character role when you write? "No."

What is your preferred genre of writing?
"I love to write inspirational romances, suspense novels and children's stories. These are the three I balance out."

What do you think makes a good story?
"Characters and their motivations the reader can get involved with and the motivations of the characters feelings and actions, then incorporating these in the situation."

What is the most challenging part of the writing process for you? "Editing."

What does audio production bring to your story?
"A feeling of involvement in the character's lives."

Are you planning to write any novels in the future?
"I have written two novels that are now being reviewed by publishers."

What are you currently working on?
"A new children's book, and two suspense novels."

What do you like to do when you're not writing?
"Visit with family, listen to music, draw."

Published works by E. Jean Beres:

Short Stories
RUMORS - short story - On The Line, February 2001

MY DAUGHTER SHOWED ME THE WAY TO LOVE - short story - True Love October 2001

FOOD BECAME MY COMFORT WHEN MY HUSBAND DIDN’T WANT ME - short story - True Love January 2001

January 2001

EMILI - short story - On The Line, March 2000

I’M A COP WHO BROKE THE RULES - short story - True Love January 2000

MY MOTHER SEDUCED MY HUSBAND - short story - True Love January 2000

NOT MY GRANDSON - short story, Mature Living, August 1999

NEW LIGHT - short story, Mature Living, July 1999

PICTURES - short story - Mature Living February 1999

AN OLDER WOMAN STOLE MY SON’S LOVE - short story - True Love February 1999

JAILED FOR PROTECTING MY KIDS - short story - True Story May 1999

STALKED ON THE INTERNET - short story - True Love June 1999

I HAD TO SAVE OUR LIVES - short story - True Love June 1999

Short story - True Love July 1999

THE MAN I COULDN’T GIVE UP - short story - True Love October 1999

I BEGGED MY HUSBAND TO TAKE ME BACK - short story - True Love October 1999

ADAM’S BOY - short story. Dreams & Visions July

I’M IN LOVE WITH MY PRIEST - short story - True Love March 1998

THE CHILD I REFUSED TO LOVE - short story - True Love April 1998

I WAS ASHAMED OF BEING A WOMAN - short story - True Love November 1998

WILL I EVER LOVE MY STEPDAUGHTER - short story - True Love 1998


HAPPY THOUGHTS - short-short- Enquirer July 8, 1997

I WANTED TO BE POPULAR - short story - True Love May 1997

THE DAY I FORGAVE MY FATHER - short story - True Love January 1997

I’M HOMELESS BECAUSE MOM GAMBLES - short story- True Love December 1996

MY STEPFATHER FORCED ME TO GIVE UP MY BABY - short story - October 1996

DEADBEAT DAD - short story - True Romance September 1996

RECONCILED LOVE - short story - Black Secrets March 1996

I HATED MEN AND TAUGHT MY DAUGHTER THE SAME - short story - True Romance January 1996

OBJECTS OF DESIRE - short story - Green’s Magazine Vol. XX111, No. 4 summer 1995 Winner of the 1995 Harding Award

WHERE THERE’S A WILL - short story - Star Magazine, November 28, 1995

ANTIQUES INVENTORY - humorous short-short - Treasure chest, Vol. 8 No.2, June 1995

LEGACY OF LOVE - short story - Star Magazine, (can’t fine publication date probably around 1995, 1994)

I’M IN LOVE WITH MY BOSS - short story - True Romance July 1995

JOY - Mature Years Magazine …publishing date pending

SOMEONE ELSE’S DREAM - signed contract 2008, MindWind Audio

DREAM HOUSE - signed contract 2008, MindWind Audio


THE SUGARING SEASON - contract signed February 5, 2008, Publish America

SELF ESTEEM – article, Seek, July 1999

THE NOBILITY OF PRAYER - article - Star Light, Star Books 22

A TASTE OF THE RAINFOREST - Harnett County News, Commentary January 25, 1995

Harnett County News, Commentary July 20, 1994

THE REAL KILLING FIELDS - The Harnett Leader, Opinions June 1, 1994

A WOUNDED AMERICA - Harnett County News, Commentary June 29, 1994

UNDER THE MIRACLE TREE - Christmas song, music and lyrics published by Nordyke under pseudonym: Gene Getty


THE SAME DAY - Fayetteville Observer Times, June 25, 1994 This poem was inspired by an article written by James Dickey for Southern Living and published in issue October 1991

HUSBAND’S HYMN - The Poetic Knight issue #7 April 1993

DIFFERENT KINDS OF BEAUTY - The Poetic Knight Spring 1992 issue #4

WE LOVED AND WE LOVED AND WE NEVER STOPPED - Emotions Poetry Forum Jan/Feb 1992

CHILD OF CHANCE - Star light, Star Books 0896-6095 copyright 1992 20

BECAUSE OF HIM - Star light, Star Books 0896-6095 copyright 1992

THE FOREST - Window’s on the World summer 1991
The Writer’s Haven Newsletter January 1992

THE RED HAT - Treasures from the Heart June 1991

CLOUDS - Awaken to a Dream fall 1991

THE GOAL OF HISTORY - Chastity and Holiness winter 1991

ONE CHILD’S CRY - The National Library of Poetry 1-56167-033-2

THE CELESTIAL WEDDING - Chastity & Holiness Winter Silver Wings

ANTICIPATION - Poetry Magazine, Over the Rainbow Volume 2

THIS GRANDMOTHER’S JOY - Who’s who in Poetry Golden Poet award for 1989

HOMEWARD TO HEAVEN WITH ME - Poetry Press Quiet thoughts Volume 1V 1980

CHRISTMAS IS… - New Worlds Mirror of the Wistful Dreamer

Published AUDIOBOOK Novelettes

eBook Published: 4-2013, Mind Wings Audio

eBook Published: 1-2013, Mind Wings Audio

Published: 11-2011, Mind Wings Audio

Published: 4-2011, Mind Wings Audio

Published: 3-2009, Mind Wings Audio

Published: 7-2009, Mind Wings Audio

Published: 10-2009, Mind Wings Audio

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